About me

Sibiryakov Alexander, 1983

I am working in software development area for over 10 years, as developer and manager. I have experience in such programming languages and technologies as C/C++, Java, Python, Bourne shell, *NIX, in the past Delphi, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript. When I have free time, I am listening a lot of music, reading books and dancing in latino styles.


2001 — 2006
Urals State Technical University, metallurgical department.
Engineer, specialist in heat treatment of metals and physical metallurgy (most importatnt stage, from point of view of final product quality). Theme of graduate work was «Computer modeling of release of heat during phase transformation in steel CSN14100».


2015 – now
Scrapinghub Ltd.

  • Designed Frontera, large scale web crawling framework from early stages, made it to handle ~1200 RPS, about ~100M pages crawled daily,
  • designed new online Data Services architecture allowing to create/update and maintain the development of per-site data sets,
  • the core developer of contacts information crawler, scanning .COMs and extracting contacts information from websites automatically,
  • presented about information retrieval, Frontera, web crawling and Scrapy at Berlin Buzzwords, ApacheCon Europe, PyCon RU, PyData Berlin, Europython and HighLoad++.

2012 — 2015
Avast! antivirus
Machine learning and data analysis: false positive solving.

2008 — 2013
Yandex.com (leading search system in Russian Federation)
Building search applications and solving quality problems: Social search source (Twitter, Facebook based), Yandex.Answers, document annotations, etc.

2006 — 2008
Jetstyle.ru (leading web/graphic design company in Urals region)
Development of Platonica, and a lot of corporate websites.

2005 — 2006
Bureau of Internet Offices (my own company, websites development)
self-employer, CEO


research project, opinion mining from blogs, right now freezed.

Second prize on Yandex.Start contest in 2007.

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